Behind every sofa, armchair and curtain are people, ideas, colors and designs.

At SK World we work with each client the designs and textures in a personal way, developing the products for each market in particular and adapting it to the necessary characteristics.

We are a team of professionals who work for you guaranteeing quality and the right price, dedicating our time and effort to the development of textures, colors and designs, seeking balance and harmony.

SK World has been working in the markets of Europe, Africa, Russia and South America for years to help the best distributors find the right products with good quality control and the personal touch for every situation. We are a business dedicated to making creative choices as easy as possible while always delivering the market’s best buy.
Creativity fuels new ideas.

Innovation, Quality and Service have always been the strength of its dynamic, creative and professional Team, together with a qualified and branched Selling Network. Enviromental Sustainability and Functionality. Essential elements of good Citizenship and respect for our Planet. Respect we owe to the next generations.

We help you with the product range, information and support that make your job easier. So, you can focus on building a collection balanced in price, quality, colors and textures. We offer you the best buy in terms of pricing and quality. Along with the comforting guarantee that whatever you buy from us, will always live op to all legal and market standards.